About Global Circle Capital™

Global Circle Capital is a brand new fund raising service for exceptional European early stage startups. The service is brought to you by the Global Circle Club, a revolutionary business travel platform connecting hotels, apartments and co living spaces with micro, small and medium sized enterprises


We built the service we would love

Business is tough, currently during the pandemic it´s even more challenging. For most startups access to funds and gaining traction are of maximum importance. We know how hard it is to raise the funds you need, especially at the early stages. We have created Global Circle Capital as a service that we would love to use


We are a startup ourselves

We are also a startup on the same journey as you! We know from first hand experience what it takes to get a startup going and the challenges that come with it. Over the years we have developed a network of contacts and experience that can help other exceptional startups looking for help raising early stage funds


We are with you all the way

Fund raising is something of an art form and relationships are central to the fund raising process. We are not a search platform cold matching thousands of startups with investors, we offer a personal service to help a limited number of promising and exceptional startups increase their chances of securing the investment needed to grow and succeed

Why Global Circle Capital?

The worlds most successful athletes, film stars and musicians have professional agents or representatives as part of their teams

Think of some of the worlds most successful athletes and artists from Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Leonardo di Caprio to Robert Deniro, Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. All of these highly successful athletes and artists will have had or still have agents guiding their professional careers. Startups are the artists of the business world yet they rarely have this luxury and more often than not have to navigate their way alone. Think of Global Circle Capital as the talent agent for startups opening doors and there by your side. Just like record labels and movie studios prefer to deal with agents, investors almost always prefer investment opportunities to come to them from people they know or from professional sources. This is where we come in. As has always been the case in the business, sports and entertainment world, it´s all about who you know and the right introduction at the right time can literally be priceless!


Introducing RADAR a personal laser focused service to help promising European startups succeed in the ultra competitive world of startup fund raising

What is RADAR?

Join us and get onto our radar! We actively monitor opportunities for our clients, whether that be potential investors, strategic partners or key customers. Once you are on our radar we will work with you to improve your chances of securing the capital you need by ensuring you are investment ready and match you with suitable investors in our growing network or actively reach out to investors that would be specifically suited to you

  • RADAR MONTHLY is our entry level service for either investment ready startups actively raising or startups in the crucial bootstrap phase who could benefit from some mentoring, guidance and strategic advice at an affordable monthly price
  • RADAR WEEKLY provides you with weekly consulting time dedicated to your startup at a 50% discount along with a check in call with our founder to keep things on track. It is ideally suited to startups that either need some help getting investment ready, help with strategy and branding or startups that are looking for an extra push in their fund raising efforts
  • Independent validation of your startup, only the best get through!
  • We get to know you and your startup during our initial discovery phase, after all investors will be investing in you / your team
  • We are by your side from the beginning to money in the bank
  • Access to our network of high net worth investors, family offices, corporate innovation and venture capital firms once you are ready. Our goal is to match the right investors with the right startups

A quick summary of the benefits of joining Global Circle Capital as a startup, investor or associate

No matter what stage you are at we have you covered. Apply for a space in our RADAR service either on a weekly or monthly basis where you can benefit from up to 2.5 hours per week of discounted consulting time or Vision Consulting if you would like us to get much more involved at a bespoke level

We want to grow our investor network by partnering with the best investors in the European startup scene. By joining us as an investor you can be provided with carefully screened and relevant investments. You simply let us know which sectors, stages, geographic areas you are interested in and we will present investments that match. It is free to join us as an investor. Widen your net and get access to carefully screened early stage investment opportunities that may not otherwise get to you. We see our role not as a broker making commissions, we have skin in the game with every project and actively work with every startup providing guidance, mentoring, strategic, marketing, branding advice and more. In addition we are building a powerful investor network and can help with finding co investors when you are looking for follow up investments for your portfolio companies. Tap into our growing network and let us work with you to find the right investors

Are you in the startup space with a good network of investors and/or working with European startups? Come join us as an associate and widen your network by joining forces with us. As an associate you can get access to exciting and well selected investment opportunities that you can present to your own network or present promising startups looking for investment to us. We work on a fair revenue share model where everybody wins. Registration is free

Some quotes that keep us inspired when the going gets tough...

Affordable & flexible service options for every stage of startup

We offer three services, our bespoke consulting service VISION CONSULTING or RADAR WEEKLY our service offering 2.5 hours of discounted consulting time per week or RADAR MONTHLY our new entry level service for investment ready startups actively raising capital or startups looking for a bit of help during the bootstrap process. Choose the one that works best for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out our FAQs before you apply or register. If your question is unanswered please use the contact form at the top of the page to get in touch with us

What do we look for?

We are looking for businesses that are ideally doing something positive and are attractive to investors. This typically means businesses with significant growth potential, businesses that can scale and ideally have some unique qualities combined with super smart and highly committed founders. We prefer businesses that already have an MVP, early signs of traction and ideally have raised some money, even if it´s a small friends and family round or some crowdfunding. The further along you are the easier it is for us to help you raise the capital you need. If you are still at a very early stage, haven´t yet raised any money or are pre-revenue, that´s ok too, just get in touch or complete our application form and we can let you know if it´s something we can help with. If you don´t make it in please don´t take it personally or be discouraged, use it as an opportunity to re-assess what you are doing, address any potential weaknesses, rebuild, come back and try again! After all, that´s what being an entrepreneur is all about!

What geographic area do we cover?

We work with investors and startups across Europe. We are mainly centered around London and Lisbon however we are open to startups, investors and associates all across Europe. We also have contacts in Asia and North America however these are currently not our areas of focus. You don´t need to be in one of the major European startups hubs like London, Berlin, Talin, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Lisbon, you can be working out of a barn in a village and we will work with you remotely. As our investor network is across Europe we may be able to find an investor close to you or one that is happy to invest even if you are not close by. If have a great startup with potential get in touch with us!

Is investment guaranteed?

The short answer is no, it´s almost impossible to guarantee and you must keep in mind that only a very small percentage of startups raise outside funding. The managing partner of a very prominent early stage VC told us recently that they receive about 3000 applications a year out of which they invest in about 15, that´s 0.5%! Be realistic but don´t get discouraged. Fund raising is highly competitive and the moment you are accepted as a client you are already one step closer. We only accept startups that excite us and those that we feel have a genuine chance to successfully get funded.

Do we take equity in your business?

In general we do not ask for equity in your business, however every case is different and in some cases we could come in as equity partners if we can add some value and help you get to your goal.

How does RADAR WEEKLY work?

With RADAR WEEKLY we work with startups on a week to week basis, think of it like X Factor and getting to the next round. Each week we evaluate you and your start up, it´s a deep dive to really understand who you are, your market and your product / service. We only present businesses that we believe in to investors and the combination of our discovery and RADAR WEEKLY process allows us to continually evaluate, validate and importantly get to know you, after all investors will ultimately be investing in you. This process makes our service more credible to investors and allows us to understand your needs and preferences so that we can match you with the right investor or investors. On the flip side investors can be confident that we are only presenting highly credible and relevant investment opportunities to them.

How do we pay and can we cancel?

We bill weekly in advance for RADAR WEEKLY and monthly in advance for RADAR MONTHLY and Vision Consulting. Payment can be made securely with a creditcard or Paypal. You can cancel anytime and likewise if we don´t feel that we can help you further we will cancel from our side. The goal however is for us to reach the finish line together!

How many RADAR spaces are available?

We have 5 RADAR WEEKLY places and 20 RADAR MONTHLY places available. Apply for a place by completing our application form here > apply now

I am an investor, what is the benefit for me?

Great early stage opportunities are time consuming and generally hard to find. We make it easy for you by doing the leg work needed to identify the really good opportunities and then present them to investors we feel are most suitable. Early stage opportunities whilst perhaps more risky are also potentially the most rewarding. Very often the early stage is the most exciting part of the journey and many investors love that. Global Circle Capital can get carefully evaluated and relevant investments to you that you may not otherwise be aware of. Only businesses that pass through our discovery process and are given a place in RADAR or Vision Consulting get presented to investors to ensure a high quality of investment opportunities. In addition we can tap into our growing investor network to help you find co-investors for follow on investments if that is something that could be beneficial for you.

How long does it typically take to raise funds?

It depends on a lot of factors so there is no single answer. Most typically you could be looking at between three and six months from start to money in the bank.

What size of funds do you specialise in?

We are mainly focused on pre-seed up to series B funding, typically 150k to 10m range

Do you accept single founder businesses?

Yes we do, single founder businesses can sometimes face additional fund raising challenges however our own company is a single founder business and we see the advantages as well as the disadvantages. Please feel free to apply if you are a single founder business, we specifically ask investors if they invest in single founder businesses and will present you to those that we feel could be suitable

What is an Associate?

Associates are people we work closely with who have strong relationships with investors and/or startups. We collaborate with trusted associates across Europe to widen our network of contacts and to help each other connect more dots! We are looking for more associates based in the key European startup hubs, in particular from Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen and Zurich. Join our family and let´s do great things together!

Is Covid affecting the investment landscape?

Where there is change, there is opportunity. The world is in a state of uncertainly and turmoil and this will inevitably have an affect however according to our research and speaking to investors there has been surprisingly little change in terms of investor appetite. The pandemic has also created new opportunities and investors are keen to capitalise on this. Capital has to be working 24/7 and investors need to invest. This will never change. Those businesses that have adapted or are well positioned post covid will be particularly interesting propositions for investors. Things will inevitably return to some form of normality however the effects and economic changes will have a more lasting effect. A whole new breed of world class companies will no doubt emerge out of the pandemic.

Do you prefer any particular sectors?

No, we are open to every sector, one of the beauties of Global Circle Capital is that we can identify and present you to investors that are interested in or focused on your sector. Even if we are not immediately familiar with your particular sector our Discovery process allows us to evaluate your business and market the way an investor does. We actually love looking at markets and sectors that we are perhaps not so familiar with. What is important is the actual market potential and how your business fits within that marketplace

How do I know if I need this service?

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, have successfully raised funds before and have a wide network of investors available then maybe not although we would still say it´s worth joining us as a RADAR client in order to widen your network, benefit from an alternative viewpoint and have us by your side when you are involved in complex negotiations. Often as entrepreneurs we are so immersed in what we are doing that we can miss things that others can see. As we are external and are startup entrepreneurs ourselves we can sometimes spot things that may have been overlooked. If on the other hand you are not an experienced entrepreneur and don´t have fund raising experience and established contacts in the investment world then this is something you should seriously consider. It´s far more efficient to benefit from our contacts and expertise rather than do it all yourself, especially if you are short on resources as most startups are. If in doubt just use the contact form to drop us a line, we´re happy to have an informal chat with you anytime and then you can decide if our services are for you

Are investors okay with us using a service like yours?

We are in dialog with investors on a daily basis and in general there is no issue as long as we are adding value and are not simply a broker trying to raise money for you. We are here to support you, open doors and get you prepared for investment. In the end it´s you the investor will be talking to and we are there to support you. Investors understand that startups at the early stage are almost always short on resources, therefore getting help to improve your chances is seen as a smart and positive move

What is the difference between the RADAR WEEKLY and RADAR MONTHLY?

RADAR WEEKLY includes 2.5 hours of discounted consulting time dedicated to your startup and a weekly video call compared to 1.5 hours of dedicated time per month, one call per month and one weekly inbound update email to us for RADAR MONTHLY clients. RADAR MONTHLY is a service for startups that are investment ready and are actively seeking investment or are looking for a little bit of help at an affordable price during the bootstrap phase. This could include some advice, strategic help and so on. We use the allocated time in RADAR in a way that will help you the most. You can freely switch between RADAR WEEKLY, RADAR MONTHLY and Vision Consulting as and when you need

Can you help with investment outside of venture capital or angel investment if needed?

Yes, we also work with CVC (corporate venture capital) funds, corporate innovation funds and also some debt financing companies. Our goal is to offer a broad array of investment possibilities. We are continually on the look out for investment partners that can help our startup clients succeed

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